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IRB Guidance for Biomedical Procedures with Human Participants

General Information

A limited number of biomedical procedures are allowed for human participant studies on the Ithaca campus. These procedures must be conducted in a manner that assures the safety and privacy of participants, researchers and the institution. Many of these procedures are conducted in specialized spaces on campus, to assure that safety, privacy and research support are appropriately provided and that trained and qualified personnel are available to conduct the procedures. For detailed information on working with these facilities in your research, click here. Please review the IRB Policy #19 for the policies and general procedures that govern the conduct of any such procedures for research on the Ithaca campus.

Guides and Templates for Specific Biomedical Procedures

On this page, you will find detailed information for the procedures most commonly used on the Ithaca campus. We are developing guidance and templates for each of these procedures, to facilitate protocol development and accelerate protocol review and approval. If you are interested in a procedure listed below, and a template or guidance document is not yet available, please contact the resources listed below. If the procedure you are interested in is not listed on this page, contact the IRB office for guidance, at

Blood Draws Using Venipuncture

Documents for the procedures listed below are currently under development. Please use the links provided for interim guidance.

Blood Draws Using Finger Stick
Urine Sample Collection and Pregnancy Testing
Fecal Sample Collection
Blood Pressure Measurement
EDA (ElectroDermal Activity)
Bioelectrical Impedance
Eye Tracking
Respiratory Tracking