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Guidance for Parental Permission in Research with Children

Federal Reguations and Cornell University IRB policy have additional requirements for research involving children. *Please refer to SOP 11: Informed Consent, Enrollment, and Other Considerations for Research Involving Children ( for a full description of these requirements.

One of the standard requirements with research involving children is for investigators to obtain permission from one or both parents for the child to participate in the research. There are some instances when parental permission may not be required, as noted in SOP 11 and on the IRB's FAQ page ( However, the IRB's standard expectation is that investigators will use a written Parental Permission form to inform parents of the research.

In most cases, Parental Permission forms do not need to be materially different from Informed Consent forms. Investigators are encouraged to use the Social-Behavioral or Biomedical Informed Consent Templates from the IRB website, but modify the text of the form so it is audience-appropriate (e.g., use "you/your child" phrases) and to use the following signature lines:

Your child's name: ________________________________________________

Your signature: ___________________________________________________ Date _____________

Your printed name: ________________________________________________ Date _____________

Signature of person obtaining consent: ________________________________ Date _____________

Printed name of person obtaining consent: _____________________________ Date _____________


*Note: New York State law classifies anyone under 18 years old as a child/dependent.

IRB Main > IRB Forms > IRB Sample Parental Permission Form