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IRB Newsletters

Published periodically to assist students and other new researchers in the preparation of their human participant protocols, these newsletters also contain new and changing regulations in human participant research as well as other information of interest to researchers.

April 2018

Using student work, grades? FERPA may apply; Single IRB for multi-site NIH studies; You (yes, you) may be conducting a clinical trial; Options for informed consent.

September 2017

New IRB Office Hours; Revised Regulations; New Video Tutorial on Informed Consent; Encryption Software; NIH Policy for Issuing Certificates of Confidentiality (CoC); IRB Staff Transition.

April 2017

New online "chat" feature; New guidance for biomedical procedures; Revised regulations coming in 2018; Does research done for program evaluation need IRB review?

November 2016

Changes to standard consent language; Common problems in MTurk studies; Tips for faster IRB approval

March 2016

Interactive Decision Trees; Online Protocol Status Report; Exempt, Expedited, Full Board? (What do these terms mean?); Expected Turnaround Times; New Sanitation Guidance for Devices/Objects that Contact Skin; IRB Policy and Guidance for Online Surveys; Human Subjects Research Ethics Training; IRB Open Office Hours; New Staff

October 2015

New IRB Open Office Hours; New Tool - Check the Status of Your IRB Application; New Interactive Decision Trees for Investigators; Is Your IRB Training Expiring?; Teaching a Course on Research Methods? Course Activity Approval No Longer Required; Protocol Turnaround Times and Tips for Speedier Approvals; IRB Office Transitions

October 2014

Revised Decision Tree: Does your research project need review by the IRB office?; New IRB Guidance: Research Involving Existing or Secondary Data, Documents or Records, IRB Review of International Research, and Oral and Life Histories, Case Studies and Journalism; IRB Protocol Help Sessions/Workshops - dates and locations; How long will it take for my IRB Application to get approved?; New - Check completion status of IRB Training; Having trouble downloading IRB PDF forms?

June 2014

IRB Satisfaction Survey - Thank You to Respondents; Responsible Use of Audio/Video Recordings and Photographs Collected for Research; New IRB Team Member - Myles Gideon.

December 2013

New IRB Team Member; Change in Help Session Dates; Planning Ahead for IRB Busy Season; International Human Research Standards; New IRB Forms; IRB Consent Templates.

August 2013

New policy for the use of social media and mobile technologies in their research with human participants.

March 2012

Collaborating with Researchers at Other Institutions; Avoid Common Mistakes When Using Email for Research with Human Participants; Amendment Requirements; Using the IRB's Informed Consent Templates; Interested in conducting human participant research on genetics? NIH may have a training course for you.

May 2011

Online CITI Training Required for IRB Approval - June 1, 2011/Can Using a Confidentiality Agreement Mean IRB Review Is Not Required?/How to Deal with Withdrawl of Participants from Research/New Form - Request for Exemption from IRB Review/IRB Approval Stamps on Informed Consent Forms/Amendment Requirements

November 2010

New IRB Application and Amendment Forms/Updated Informed Consent Templates/Maintaining IRB Approval Anniversaries for Continuations-Renewals/Approval Letter Modifications/Qualtrics Survey Tool/Amendment Requirements

September 2010

New FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)/New IRB Application and Amendment Forms

June 2010

Congruence Between IRB Approved Protocols and PHS Funded Grant Proposals/Use of Online Survey Vendors/New SOPs: Protocol Principal Investigator Roles and Responsibilities/New York State Laws Relevant to Human Participant Research

December 2009

Alternatives to Written Informed Consent/Guidelines for Oral Consent Procedures/New Policies & SOPs: Recruitment and Payment of Human Participants/International Human Research/Research Involving Cornell Students/Computer- and Internet-Based Survey Research

June 2009

Addition to the IRB Administrative Support Team/Applications for Continuing Review of Approved Protocols/Submitting a Complete Protocol Application/International Research Involving Human Subjects

March 2009

Ethicspoint: A new resource for reporting a concern or complaint/Additional verbiage required on Consent forms/Standard Operating Procedures for IRB/Some tips for researchers engaged in International Research

July - August 2007

ORIA Office Moving to East Hill Office Building/Exemptions From IRB Review/Program Evaluations and Other Activities:When Are They "Research"?/Research for Course Instruction

May - June 2007

Changes in the Human Research Protection Program/Decision Tree for Projects That Do Not Need To Be Submitted to the IRB/Does Student Research Require IRB Approval?

Autumn 2005

UCHS is moving to 35 Thornwood Drive / Clinical trial registration / Do NOT request Social Security numbers for subject payments / Conducting research in public schools / Guidelines for human embryonic stem cell research (2005) / Are you offering your subjects copies of their signed consent forms? / Restricted Access Data Agreements / Transcription Services / Announcement (from CISER)

Spring 2005

Conducting research abroad / Are identities really kept private?? / Need to know if your students have passed the UCHS training? / Accreditation process update / Undergraduate class projects involving contact or interaction with identifiable human subjects / Coding your data / Turnaround time on applications

September 2004

Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs: What it means to you (the investigator) / Investigator education requirements are being stepped up / *NEW* Performance Agreement and Release Form / Tips on determining if your protocol will require a full committee review / General Principles for Evaluating Oral History type Activities / Human Subject Exemption Categories

May 2004

Photography (and other types of recording) in human subjects research / Tips for describing "the design of your research and planned use of human subjects" on your approval request form / Consent form lingo / Do you need to renew your human subjects approval? / Renewal application consent forms / Certificates of Confidentiality: Protecting your subjects' privacy / DHHS guidelines on "Financial relationships and interests in research involving human subjects: Guidance for human subject protection"

March 2004

Increasing parental consent response rates / Ideas for making a study "exempt from further review / Hidden videotaping / How to construct a good consent form (primarily for students) / Recruiting Cornell faculty and staff as research participants

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